Capital Campaign

Help Build a Place to Learn and Grow

Since 1970,  the Kumara Kasyapa boys has provided shelter, food, education, recreation, and vocation training for orphaned boys ages two to sixteen.

Today, over 40 children call the orphanage home and many past residents have good jobs, their own families, and make a positive difference of the skills, nurturing, and guidance they received at the home and vocation center.

The housing structure  and school are 40 years old and are badly in need of renovation and expansion to serve the children and growing demand for orphanage’s services.

The Venerable Mithabani Thero  has consulted with educators, child health specialists, and architects to design a new 19200 sq. ft. (1784 sq. m)  home and vocational center with 50% greater capacity to provide young children with the care, knowledge, and skills to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Please lend your support to create....

Living Areas

  • dormitories fo younger children
  • double room for older children,
  • modern bathrooms with sinks, toilets, and showers
  • recreational room
  • sick room
  • dining hall,
  • kitchen and storage
  • accommodation for warden, matron, and other caregivers

Educational Areas

  • computer training facility
  • shrine room
  • library and study room
  • reading room
  • assembly hall
  • office, reception, and visitors quarter
  • 3 workshop-rooms,s
Please send your donations to KUMARA KASYAPA LAMA NIWASAYA - MATHIKA MATHA SAMITHIYA, Account Number is 0000005447, Bank of Ceylon, 618 Metropolitan Branch, York Street, Colombo.